Fall Family Movie List

Fall Family Movie List

When I was pregnant with Charlotte 7 years ago, I started collecting all of my favorite childhood movies (Disney and otherwise). I was so excited to share my childhood favs with my children. There’s nothing better than snuggling up with a treat and your favorite people and getting lost in a good film. I am super into it. When my husband and I got together he quickly taught me allll the things I had no idea I was missing out on like the difference between regular Blu Ray and 4K Blu Ray and how much a quality 4K televison and Dolby Surround Sound can make on your movie watching experience. Basically… I wasn’t REALLY watching movies before we got together. Now I feel like I get to re-experience some of my favorite movies all over again. It’s even more special watching my childhood favorites with our kiddos.

I knew I wanted to compile a fall family movie list for the blog so of course I had to enlist my husband’s help. This is our first year compiling this list and we’re super excited to dive in and watch all the things! We also do this during the holiday season. We have and have all of our extended family over on Christmas Eve for snacks, PJs and all the festivities. Like a Christmas Movie Marathon, Schneider style!

Hope you enjoy this list. What movies are we missing? Let me know here!


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