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Amazon Hair Accessories

Amazon Hair Accessories

You. Guys. Hair accessories are such a big deal right now! I remember reading on a Pinterest post a few years ago about how it was “inappropriate” to wear hear accessories over the age of 25. Well that’s RIDICULOUS and I’m here for all the cute headbands, barrettes, and scrunchies I can get my hands on!

A few months ago I was looking through Amazon and stumbled upon these adorable hair clips. They were super cheap, the shipping took a little bit but once I got them I was very impressed!

If you’re following ANY fashion bloggers on Instagram you’re probably seeing a headband JUST like this one that I got for only $1 all over the place for (wait for it) $27. That is INSANE. These headbands are quite the Vici Dolls dupe, super comfortable, and a great option for days when you just don’t want to put too much thought into your hair.

On the same subject of expensive-looking headbands, these are so cute! I think they’ll look super cute this fall & winter when the outfits are more muted and neutral. They kind of give me a boarding school vibe that I love.

You’ll find a few more of my favorite affordable Amazon finds below. 🙂


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