10 Ways to Practice Self Care as a Mom

10 Ways to Practice Self Care as a Mom

Putting yourself first isn’t a mother’s instinct. There isn’t anything we wouldn’t do or give to make our babies happy. But, as any seasoned mom will tell you, if you give, give, give all of the time without replenishing your body and mind with good stuff, you’ll have nothing left to give anyone. Sure, you can get by… but are you really living? Or are you just becoming a mommy martyr afraid to admit that you need a little bit of time for yourself. I learned a long time ago that if I can take time to maintain my identity as a person, not just a mom, I am a much better mom for it. Here are some tips that you can take to try and give yourself a little more self love.

  1. Find an hour of “me time” everyday. Whether you find it in the morning before the kids wake up or at the end of the night, take time to do something that rebuilds your body, mind, or spirit every day. Wake up in the morning and get to the gym before starting the day, read a book , meditate, whatever makes you feel centered. Take the time for yourself.
  2. Ask for help. Seriously. When your husband asks to help, let him. Or, tell him what you could use help with. When you want to go to the grocery store without 2 kids touching everything, ask your parents to watch them. When you’re tired after cooking dinner and you don’t want to clean up, ask for help. Remember that your family is enjoying the fruits of your mama labor too and it is their jobs to keep the house tidy also. Get the older kids to put their own clean clothes away. It totally beats the alternative of doing it all by yourself out of spite and then secretly fuming the whole rest of the evening. Right?
  3. Take a long bath or shower. And don’t apologize for it or ask for permission. Just do it. Wash your hair, shave your legs, exfoliate your skin, do all the things that you never allow time for. You will feel like a new woman.
  4. Own your personal style. Figure out what makes you feel beautiful, what clothes you love, what styles make you feel unstoppable and let yourself have those things. Too often we walk around in holey, stretched out maternity clothes until we send our kids off to kindergarten because we hate to be the mom that spent money on their own clothing. We always say our kids dress better than we do… and while I would never say put your personal clothing purchases in front of new shoes for the kids, I am an advocate for buying a few nice pieces of clothing that can be worn a million different ways that fit well and will last us forever. You are an example of what womanhood is to your daughters. Be an inspiration and model of self worth.
  5. Have a passion outside of motherhood. Whether it’s hip hop dance, reading, running, volunteering, running a small business… have a passion that sets your soul on fire. And stick to it. Really think about what is worth your time outside of all of the other responsibilities you manage on a day to day basis and commit to being really good at that one thing. How many mothers do you know are constantly seeking a new hobby or a new project only to work on it for a week and let it fall to the way side. Chances are that motherhood and life and all the things allowed its way into her life and her passion that she was so excited about last week is no longer important. If you want to have an identity outside of being a mom and you want to show your little ones true commitment , you have to be selective about the way you spend your time and passionate enough to see just one very important thing through.
  6. Say no. Speaking of time, you only have so much of it. Your time with your kiddos is valuable. If you’re also working outside of the home, trying to take time for your marriage and yourself, there’s just absolutely no way you can say yes to everything. People will respect you much more for your honesty if you are up front and say that you just don’t have the time right now. But, if you say yes out of obligation, people know it. Don’t do anything half-hearted. If it’s not a “hell yes”, it’s a “no”.
  7. Have a mommy-time out. We all know the feeling. When the kids are driving us just to the edge of our sanity, when the house is a mess and the toddler won’t eat her dinner and the kids won’t get along. It’s a lot. You know when you need a breather. Tap your husband in and go for a drive. Walk around target without kids, go get a coffee with a friend, drive to the edge of the block, park your car, and just sit there in silence. Just get away for a second and clear your head. You’ll be a much better (and more sane) mom for it.
  8. Nourish yourself. If you are feeling like crap every day, it’s very possible that your body isn’t getting the amount of nutrients and water it needs. Drink lots of water, feed yourself clean foods. Fruits and veggies aren’t just for making baby food puree. If your lunches consist of whatever vending machine food is available at work, that’s just not going to cut it. Your body rewards you when you take good care of it.
  9. Go on a date. Get dolled up. Drink too much wine and eat too much food with your love. Remember all the reasons you fell in love. Watch movies that make you laugh so hard your face hurts. If you want to feel like a million bucks, get some of those lovey-dovey endorphins running through your veins. Trust me.
  10. Stop the comparison game. Trust me. No one is as perfect as their Instagram feed. If you’re beating yourself up because you feel like your kid doesn’t dress as well as another or your dinners aren’t as fancy or you haven’t lost those last 15 pounds of baby weight, then shut off all of the social media and look within. Do you have a roof over your head and the sound of giggling kids filling your home? Then you’ve got it pretty good. 20 years ago mothers didn’t know what other parents did inside of their homes with their kids and it wasn’t any of their business anyway. You’re doing an amazing job. If you want to love yourself more, keep looking at what you HAVE now and not what you don’t have. The rest will take care of itself.

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